Monday, 4 February 2013

Don't Stop Me Now

Evening all! Here's the customary stats check:

Distance (miles)
Time (hh:mm)
Energy (kcals)
Since last post (28 Jan 2013) 23.5 06:35 3880
Since records began (27 Dec 2012) 99.1 28:33 19412

I've passed a few important markers this week:

  • I've now walked more than Parish Walk distance.
  • I've got more than 24 hours walking under my belt.
  • I've covered more than 20 miles in a week for the first time during my training.
  • I've covered more than 10 miles in a single walk for the first time during my training.

If I'd kept strictly to the plan I'd also have surpassed the 100 mile mark. As planned, I doubled the length of my daily morning walks last Friday and today, but didn't manage the same feat on either evening: those two extra miles would have made all the difference!

Unlike my previous abortive attempt at Parish Walk training (referred to in my first post) this time I managed 10 miles without any ill effects: not so much as a blister. Based on that highly scientific sample of two observations I've come to the startling conclusion that building up gradually is a better approach than going out all guns blazing. Who'd have thought it?

This week's 'epic' walk took me round an area of Prague that I've somehow managed never to visit in over six years living here: Vyšehrad. It's definitely somewhere I'll visit again during my training: a beautiful spot and perfect for walking, with lots of variation in surface, gradient and largely off-limits to traffic.

The Basilica of St Peter and St Paul, Vyšehrad, Prague
The Basilica of St Peter and St Paul, Vyšehrad, Prague

Viewpoint over the Vltava river from Vyšehrad, Prague
Viewpoint over the Vltava river from Vyšehrad, Prague

What will be on your playlist on 22 June?

After reading many of the other blogs it seems that the right music can play an important part in lifting you during the race. With that in mind I've started compiling a playlist. Thanks to Tony McNally's blog Dire Straits 'Walk of Life' was first on the list, and it's quickly grown to 34 tracks. It will continue to be a work in progress until shortly before the day.

You'll notice if you browse the list that there's a heavy Muse influence at the moment. We saw them on their recent arena tour and I've been playing them constantly since. If you get a chance to see them then grab it: they're a tremendous live act. They're playing a number of stadium gigs in the UK and around Europe this summer.

Have you got any track recommendations? I've got a pretty eclectic taste, so any suggestions are welcome!

Thanks for reading and have a good week!


  1. I've found audio books and the like to be nicely distracting. Last year I listened to the BBC radio production of the Hobbit (3hr45) which was great for passing the time.

  2. Well done for great training :) Hate to pour cold water but you do know ear pieces banned?

  3. James - that's a good idea. Judging by the appropriate running time evidently the audiobook wasn't produced by Peter 'who needs multiple books to make a film trilogy?' Jackson :-) I also have a few podcasts I listen to regularly, so I might save up some episodes.

    Michael - thanks! Regarding earpieces: does that rule definitely apply in 2013? I recall people griping about the introduction of such a rule (and its strict enforcement) in a prior year, but I don't see it among the rules outlined on the website this year.

    Greetings from Watford! (I get all the glamorous location work!)

  4. No, the rule has been rescinded this year. It has gone back to being a "Recommendation" rather than a strict rule. The rule about being disqualified if unable to hear instructions still applies though. For that reason, I still use the old-fashioned over-ear headphones rather than the now trendy in-ear phones'. These allow me to listen to music/spoken word but still hear traffic as well as instructions from my support team or marshals.

  5. On Feb 7, 2013 5:49 PM, "Phileas Dogs" wrote: Phileas Dogs has left a new comment on your post "Don't Stop Me Now":

    David - great effort and glad to see that your training is all going to plan. The importance of a plan is vital for your success. James I hadn't even thought about audio books, my preference to good tunage is upbeat dance / hip hop / rap music my current favourite is Swedish House Mafia. Keep it going matey Tony :)

    [Sorry Tony - meant to click 'Publish' but unfortunately hit the nearby 'Delete' by mistake! A classic case of PEBTAC (Problem Exists Between Touchscreen And Chair). Fortunately the notification email included the comment text, so I've pasted it above. Thanks for the encouragement!]