Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Summertime and the livin' is easy

Good evening from Budapest at the end of a fairly light week:

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Recuperation from the knee pain caused by last weekend's long excursion lasted until Wednesday, and I missed a couple of planned sessions thereafter due to work-related activities. I've also been breaking in my new 'clone shoes' which arrived in the post on Thursday, so I've been keeping my walks fairly short.

Today has been by far my best of the week in terms of distance. My hotel is close to our office, so I was able to walk the 2 miles each way. This evening I walked a 6 mile circuit around Margaret Island: a largely carless haven in the middle of the Danube, criss-crossed by lots of decent paths. It's a popular spot for runners: there was still a steady stream crossing the bridge to the Island even as I was heading back to the hotel at about 9pm.

Apparently 'the powers that be' have decided to cancel spring this year; in the course of a little more than a week the weather has shifted from unseasonably cold to unseasonably warm. If only it stayed like this and didn't get any hotter I'd be very happy: for me, 20C is just about perfect for walking. Being able to get out in light gear really makes a difference.

The kitting out continues

Aside from the arrival of my shoes, I've also been looking at other aspects of my kit this week.

I didn't have much luck with socks: most of what I found on offer in Prague was overpriced and underwhelming. The outdoor shops were mainly offering really thick hiking socks and the general sports shops were stocking 'big name' sports brands, where you're paying more for the name than for the quality. I opted to try a pair of Thurlo socks, which looked a little more promising. Not bad, but the dual layer Hillys I got back in December are still the winners so far. I might refer to my old friend The Internet to see if I can find a supplier that stocks Hilly's and is willing to ship them so I can try out a few of their other styles ; especially the Monos that Michael George recommend in response to an earlier post.

I had a rather better find for shirts and shorts. With the arrival of warmer weather I've been on the lookout for something lightweight. After a while browsing I settled on some Columbia stuff. I've yet to see how they'll perform on longer walks, but so far so good: they're incredibly comfortable.

And finally...

... well done to everyone who completed the Sara Killey Memorial Walk last weekend, and congratulations to Michael George for another great win!

Congratulations also to all the Manxies who took part in the London Marathon, especially to my cousin, Paul Sykes, who not only finished in 3h14m but managed to get a photo with last years' winner and the reigning majors champion. Nicely done! :)

Paul Sykes with 2012 winner Wilson Kipsang and World Majors Marathon Champion Geoffrey Mutai.
Posted by Murray Lambden at manxatheltics.com

Thanks for reading and have a good week!

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  1. Thanks David. Well done. Keep at it!

    Small World/Island. Paul was in the same Parish Walk team as me a few years ago :)